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Transmitters: technology, circuit diagrams, possibilities: bugs

a harmless plugbox ? Here as an exapme of the dangers and possibilities a bug placed into a plugbox (pictures on the right).
It looks like ordinary household stuff, but inside it looks a bit different because of the "additional" content.
Completely opened you can see an FM-transmitter with condenser microphone, mic amplifier, transmitter oscillator and even a RF-amplifier to enlarge the reception area, especially since there are no batteries needed.


slightly opened you can see a part of its contents Imagine, a neighbour gives you a christmas present like a nice little lamp for the living room or bedroom....
amusing ? maybe for him....

completely opened you can look at the little FM-transmitter  

The technical development is going on and on. Already there are telephone bugs possible, which dial themselves secretly into the internet to download there the "audio-file of the day" as a compressed audio-file. So for the spy it´s possible to listen to somebody who lives quite far away, maybe on the other side of the world.
Science fiction ? No - since September 1998 there are coin-sized harddisks, and with audio compression software (e.g. real-Audio) it´s already possible to store hours of audio (especially if there is no "hifi-stereo" quality neccessary) on one, two megabytes.


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